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SmartSweep (4 screenshots)

This program appears at first to be a clone of the popular MineSweeper game by Microsoft, but it was developed for a completely different purpose. It is fully skinnable and has pluggable AI that allows you to write and test AI in Java or any language that produces an executable capable of interfacing through standard i/o.

There is a good reason for all of this... Minesweeper-like games happen to be an easy way to encode the Pvs.NP problem, which is one of the Millenium Problems from the Clay Institute of Mathematics. These problems were decided to be the 7 most important mathematical problems in our society today, and a prize of $1 Million was put on a solution to each ($7 million total). If someone could write a Minesweeper AI that was perfect (in ALL cases, not just the ones commonly seen in Minesweeper), they would have solved PvsNP. If such a thing is possible, this would have other deeply important impacts as well... such as making it trivially easy to find a cure to cancer using Ligand Fitting.

Because the nature of this game is for research (and I hate Cancer)... it is being distributed for free.

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