Software Project
Space-Time Diagram Plotter (3 screenshots)
Started: 12/23/2004
Released: 12/24/2004

This program was created from a discussion in a text-book I'm reading about Genetic Algorithms "GAs" (on the side, I don't have a class about them). In the book, they were evolving cellular automata using GAs and plotting the results using space-time diagrams. This program lets the user configure the size of the array of cells (which in turn changes the window size) as well as the method that the automata use to attempt to reach a solution trying to determine which color is more plentiful.

In the GKL algorithm, the results will be correct around 80% of the time. If the bottom line of the image generated isn't all the same color, then the automata could not reach a conclusion.

The program is configurable to allow three modes. Random (which creates noise or "tv snow"), Majority Rules (which shortly turns into vertical bands), and GKL (Gacs, Kurdyumov, and Levin) which has sharp triangular shapes and shaded regions as it solves the problem.

The primary benefit to this program is that I created portable sections of code that will help in graphing other space-time diagrams and other types of graphs as I do more work with Genetic Algorithms.

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