New Blogging System!2006-06-14 11:18:03
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I have several blogs, all with different topics. One of the reasons I haven't been updating them enough to meet my satisfaction is that there is some overlap in the subject-matter, and I am often confused on where to post to.

I decided recently that I should start burning through my list of articles to write, and to help this along, I wrote a cross-blog posting system. It's pretty nifty because it posts to a WordPress v1.5, WordPress v2.0.3, and my own custom blogging system that I wrote for Codeaholics.

My personal site will generally serve as the aggregator and (probably) get every article, along with links out to each of the blogs where the article was posted.

Here is a breakdown of the different blogs and what they cover:

  • - the aggregate of all posts. This is my life as a whole, so it will have every article, and will have little icons indicating which blogs the article was posted to.
  • Motive Blog - productivity and the glory of man! Basically this blog will exhalt all the things that Motive Force LLC stands for, and pretty much ignore the rest.
  • - general griping about numerous, poorly implemented web-languages/standards and tips on how to survive them. Since itís made partially as an emotional outlet for the frustrations of coders who have been portability-hacking their code for hours, the tone is fairly informal.
  • Codeaholics Code blog- programming / hacking / general caffeination.
  • Codeaholics News - where the code-blog is less-pinnacle code-related stuff, the News blog is just for announcements (eg: when coding projects get started/released, etc.).

Frappr Map!2005-11-16 04:48:29
This is pretty cool:

It is a map that you can add yourself to, to show that you've visited and to give a shoutout (feel free to promote your own code projects!). I have a ton of traffic from some really distant places, so this should get pretty cool soon if people add themselves.

So please add yourself!

I get about 15 _new_ unique IPs per day from EVERYWHERE - code is truly global it seems!. This will be a lot of fun once it gets a few people on there! Thanks! (too many exclamation points!!!)

CollegeInfoDesk2005-08-20 09:16:18
I just released my new site:!

It is a site where college students can create and share schedules, write/view professor evaluations, and find all of the books they need for their schedules in one click and compare the prices at the bookstore to amazon and the list price as well as sell/trade their used books with each other.

This looks like it may be my most successful project yet. I took the whole summer off from working/internships just to make this site, and I have to say that I'm proud of the way it turned out.

Currently RIT is the only school with full support for the schedule maker (and the ability to find books from your schedule), but other schools will be added soon.

Check out the site, it's totally sweet!

Independent Study2005-02-20 01:02:11
I'm doing an Independent Study next quarter. It's Game Design: Real Time Strategy. My project will be to create an entire RTS game engine. That's a TON of work, but the final product will be totally worth it.

I created a page specifically to follow the independent study. You can check it out here. It's sort of a different section of the site, so I changed the colors around ;).

Independent Study2005-02-20 01:02:11
I'm doing an Independent Study next quarter. It's Game Design: Real Time Strategy. My project will be to create an entire RTS game engine. That's a TON of work, but the final product will be totally worth it.

I created a page specifically to follow the independent study. You can check it out here. It's sort of a different section of the site, so I changed the colors around ;).

Introducing!2005-02-12 10:00:59 is RIT's very own free book exchange and comparison-shopping site. I would expand further upon it... but the info is all there on the site. Check it out!

Tides of Change2005-02-02 01:39:15
Something is going to change in a month. I just realized how marketable some of the things I have done are. could be pretty successful if the word got out to the right people. It just works so smoothly! Every time I go back I'm impressed. Another project that I have sitting on blocks in my garage is that unnamed (publicly anyway) project that pulled me away from BDP to make it. I should be polishing it and marketing it. [Additional project description deleted... check back soon]

Despite those three web-projects looming, there is also consideration of another project. This could either end up being another typical program for the archives... or could be the other idea which would result in it being the biggest project I have ever done. If you look at the software page, you'll see that this project would therefore be nothing to sneeze at considering the timeline would be 10 weeks. It would be the hardest 10 weeks of coding that I have probably ever done. The final push to finish RITwars was about 5 weeks and was incredibly exhausting (bodies can only metabolize so much caffeine). This project may or may not happen in the large version. Again, we shall see.

To sum up the rambling... something is going to happen. I have several projects that I need to move on from a business side. I also have to make a decision about whether the next 10 weeks will be business as normal or if I will be a path and an arrow to the ?bermench during that time.

Check back.

Downloads Available2005-01-13 11:06:27
I got the downloading script working, so now most of the projects on this site are available for download (or can be viewed directly if they are just small scripts).

I just made 19 new files available for download. Check them out at the software page.

I also just remembered that I set up a whole link-exchange tracking program a while ago but never got any exchanges set up. If you are interested in a link exchange, let me know.

Block Drop Palace... first release!2005-01-07 17:05:51
I have finished a game as part of Block Drop Palace. The first BDP game is a Tetris clone, aptly named "Klone".

The windows version is all that has been compiled so far, you can download it here.

New Project (very small)2004-12-28 16:29:54
I put up a new project yesterday. It isn't very useful, but anyone with an interest in Genetic Algorithms may want to take a peek at it.

Space-Time Diagram Plotter

Grr2004-12-10 00:03:14
If you've noticed this site has been up and down it's because I'm experimenting with a new registrar. It seems that there is no way to host a site on your own comp using Go Daddy unless you own a DNS server too :/

Sorry about the problems.

BF Page2004-11-07 18:29:02
I am doing a presentation on Brainfuck for a class. I made a BF page to go with the presentation. The professor understandably didn't want me to write the full name, so there are asteriks all over the place that mess with the readability, but overall it's a pretty useful page if you are interested in Brainfuck.

All Quiet on the Coding Front?2004-11-04 11:59:34
It's been really quiet on the site lately, but I have three different projects that I have been looking into recently and may begin working on more devoutly. The BDP networking functionality has been put on hold for a bit while I look into these other projects.

The academic quarter is also coming to an end, so projects and finals will probably slow down my progress a little bit. I'll keep you posted right here and announce each of the projects once they're completed.

BF Contest Results2004-10-25 23:18:15
The results came back for the Brainfuck competition I entered in. I didn't do too well out of the whole ladder, but I guess I'm happy to find out that it worked in all cases. Since I entered this competition like two days after I learned the language, I'm not too bent out of shape (still would've been cool to rock the pros though).

I saved a copy of the results here which came from the original site:
Check 'em out!

Have Returned2004-10-25 12:37:09
I'm back from Fla and I came up with a really good idea for a program while I was there, but it depended on the free XML feed from NASDAQ which apparently no longer exists. So for now, BDP will be remaining the main project.

The production on BDP will be focused on adding networking support which is a pretty large task (I don't even have common-controls to accept text input yet).

I also have some contracted web-work that I have to work on and this will slow down production a bit.

No code this weekend2004-10-21 11:13:19
Just a heads up:

In about an hour I'm going to Fla for the weekend, so there probably aren't going to be any updates.

Avatars2004-10-18 13:22:37
Hey! If you're a member, you might want to log in and follow the instructions on your control panel to set up an avatar for yourself. It may come in handy soon ;)

Saddest entry ever.2004-10-10 21:49:22
Check out my new girfriend. She r0x.

Brainfuck Contest!2004-10-09 01:50:55
I found a Brainfuck contest that started a little over a week ago and ends in a little less than a week.

Some of the submissions are already pretty small, so it would probably be hard to start now and win, but it is definitely a fun program to work on if you know BF.

The contest can be found at:

If you don't know Brainfuck yet, you can probably learn it in an hour or two (there are only 8 instructions). There is a brief description here:

And an AMAZING tutorial here:

And an online interpreter to test code here:

I'm working on an entry myself, and though I don't expect to be able to win a contest using a language I just learned the day before yesterday, I should be able to at least get a decent submission and rank somewhere among the better half. More updates will be in the Code Blog as I get further.

Whitespace2004-10-08 05:21:01
Again, you have to check out the codeBlog to see what this does...

My first whitespace program:

Or in the real characters.
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